Skating Year in Review

Due to the obliging nature of Coach1, there’s still actually one lesson to go for this year (yes, between Christmas and New Year), but this still seems a suitable time to look back at my skating year.

It’s definitely been one of ups and downs. Lost one coach, gained two. Learnt the steps to some relatively advanced dances (or parts thereof), and then went back to the beginning again to pull apart the basic ones and put them back together again. Decided to tackle the long abandoned preliminary edges for another attempt.

So where are we?

1) Tackling preliminary edges (again). Forward edges not bad. Backward ones still in a right old state.

2) Dutch Waltz and Canasta Tango. Coach picking on small things, which is a positive. These are in the ‘adequate’ category. Would likely pass as they are.

3) Swing Dance and Fiesta Tango: Need more work. Swing Dance in a better state, but need to fix the mohawk – it’s happening now, but it’s not in the right place in the pattern and is often still rushed. Fiesta end pattern is not great as it stands, although am not baulking at it, so that’s something.

4) Fourteen Step: Still nowhere near where it was a couple of years back. Will be a long time before it’s back up to speed in any sense.

So a bit of a mixed bag. Still nowhere near testing (stupid back edges). Still looking forward to the next year to see if improvements can be made. Aiming primarily at more confidence, which will hopefully help the rest.

Happy Skating New Year to all.


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