Going For It

Had what I considered a rough lesson last week, but Coach1 seemed happy with it.

From my point of view there were a number of wobbles on the Swing Dance, and I didn’t feel confident as a result. Coach said that she would rather see us ‘going for it’ and have those wobbles. Problem – I don’t really do ‘going for it’. It do analysis, choosing the best course of action, testing the waters and then acting on a set plan. Hmmm.

I understand where she is coming from, of course, but my natural caution, particularly when it comes to skating, says that stable is a really good thing!

On the up side, apparently I managed to look like I was enjoying the Dutch Waltz, which is an improvement over my normal expressions of either worried or petrified!


One thought on “Going For It

  1. Jo Lee says:

    I am an adult ice dancer/blogger (joskates@wordpress.com) and I am glad you are back on the ice and working with a new coach. Dance takes a lot of patience, focus, and discipline, so kudos to you! Speaking of expression, sometimes when I see myself skate I am horrified at my grimacing. But is it better than the plastic smile I used for competitions? I don’t know!

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