Back to Basics

So, the first lesson with new coach went quite well.

As expected, we worked on a lot of basic stuff, which was a good thing, as that all needs to be right for everything else to follow. I also quite like just doing edges, chasses and so on every now and then, as it’s sometimes nice to do some easier stuff well (or relatively well anyway). Was also the first time in a long time I was skating with partner who wasn’t a coach, so there was a height adjustment there, but this didn’t go anywhere near as badly as I’d feared.

We started with outside and inside swing rolls in killian hold, mainly working on getting the hold solid, and a little bit on extension. Moved on to edges in waltz hold, forward and backward – more corrections to hold (mostly mine – applying pressure where needed, arm position). Chasses went pretty well, even backwards, which could have gone horribly wrong, as my backward chasses are normally ridiculously shallow. Did some progressives in open hold, which were okay, considering it’s some time since I actually practiced them, though we only did them in the ‘good’ direction. Followed up with some crossovers in killian (never have managed progressives in a closer hold).

Ran through Dutch Waltz a few times, which went fine (it would bloody want to be – I’ve been working on it for long enough!). Had some small corrections of course, but nothing major.

Finished with cross rolls – these still need a lot of work, but that wans’t news. Backward cross rolls was where the big revelation occured. New coach suggested I flex my free foot before placing it, and oh my goodness, it got rid of all the scary toe pick jab, and they started to even feel vaguely stable (not stable enough to want to do them on my own, but less grip of death). Wonderful!

There was also a little bit of work on back edges, but less said about this the better (no change there then).

Anyway, pretty happy with how it all went.





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